Lindy Tech Scholarship
for the Swiss Lindy Tech 2020 May 22nd – 24th

What is the SLT scholarship?
A free pass for one Leader and one Follower for the Swiss Lindy Tech 2020.
You can apply or be nominated as a couple or a single dancer.
The scholarship does not include travel cost, housing, or boarding.

Why do we offer the SLT Scholarship?
We are aware that there are many dancers that are motivated to take a three-day intensive workshop to improve their dance skills but are not able to afford a participation fee of 190€ because they are students, artists, currently unemployed, or live in a country that has a much lower average income than most western countries. We want those dancers to have the opportunity to take part in the intensive experience that is Lindy Tech.

Who is the scholarship for?
We are looking for dancers with the following qualifications:
– Motivated to advance their dance skills, work hard, train hard, and focus on technique
– Are at least an intermediate dance level
– Can not afford to attend the LT without scholarship
– Can afford to travel to Switzerland and arrange housing and boarding for themselves (we will assist in finding local hosts).
– Are free from 22 – 24 May, 2020

How does one apply/nominate for the scholarship?
You can either apply for yourself or with a dance partner. You can also nominate a dancer or a dance couple that you think deserve the LT Scholarship.
No matter if you apply for yourself or nominate someone else, send an email to with the following information:
– A short description for why you think you/your nominee would be a great LT student and should be granted the scholarship.
– A short explanation to why they/you could not afford to attend without the scholarship.
– A short letter of recommendation by a dance partner/teacher/mentor (in case of applying for one self)
– A short explanation as to why you nominated this particular dancer/dance couple (in case of nominating someone else)
– A video audition of the applicants lindy hopping.
*** Note, we are not looking for long written essays. All we want is the necessary information that will allow us to choose who to award the scholarship to.

What type of video are you looking for?
We want to see what your dancing looks like. Ideally your video will:
– be properly lit (vs being shot at night in poor lighting)
– have a simple backdrop
– include at least 4 swing outs
– show full body (feet, hands, head, etc.)
– be social dancing (instead of a routine)
However, if the best quality video of you is during prelims at a contest, please tell us what you and your partner are wearing so we can find you. Otherwise, head to your local dance early (while the lights are still up), bring a partner and perhaps a speaker, and have a friend record you dancing  180bpm+ from a cell phone.

All applications and nominations have to be sent to by 11pm (UTC+1) February 28th 2020! (Including video. We can’t process any application without a video.)
Jo & Kevin will make the final decision and notify the student(s) by March 31st!